About Us

Cryptogic is a financial media network that provides news and analysis to passionate cryptocurrency and NFT investors.

Our mission is to help investors make more intelligent decisions with their investments in crypto and NFTs.

Founding & Team

Cryptogic was founded in 2021 by Andy Hagans and Scott Hawksworth. Both were passionate about crypto investing, but were frustrated that the information available online was often either un-serious in nature, or was oriented towards a short-term investment time horizon.

As the two men were veterans of financial media, they decided to launch their own web show and e-newsletter in December of 2021. In less than a month, Cryptogic amassed over 1,000 subscribers, and a community was born.

Andy Hagans
andy @ cryptogic.com

Scott Hawksworth
scott @ cryptogic.com

Jimmy Atkinson
jimmy @ cryptogic.com