How To Invest In The Right Token Projects, With Joe Robert

With so many crypto projects to choose from, it can be hard to discern what might be worthy of investment. Fortunately, there are several key factors which investors can consider before buying any crypto.

Joe Robert, CEO at Robert Ventures, who has over 20 years of asset management experience, joins to offer insight on what to look for in token projects.

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Episode Highlights

Invest More Intelligently: “The Robert Ventures Fund is an actively managed and income-focused fund that leverages opportunities within alternative asset classes to beat out inflation and provide a 10.47% APY. Our extensive experience in both traditional and modern alternative asset classes allow us to take advantage of thematic trends within emerging markets that yield predictable monthly returns exclusively for accredited investors.” (Robert Ventures)

How to analyze crypto tokens properly before investing: “Cryptocurrency and ICO spaces can offer multiple opportunities for investment. The only catch is to have the ability to make sound investment decisions and have done their homework. At the same time, these spaces also have their own share of pitfalls, exposing people to scams and fraud, while even legitimate businesses with poor implementation strategies can cause severe financial loss.” (Cointelegraph)

Featured: Joe Robert of Robert Ventures

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