Institutional Crypto Adoption And Retail Investors, With Daniel Bookstaber

Institutional crypto adoption continues to accelerate. What does this mean for retail investors and others in the crypto world? How are institutional investors responding to the current cryptocurrency market downturn? Daniel Bookstaber, VP of Markets at joins the show to explore.

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Institutional Crypto – “Since 2017, Institutional Markets has been the leading strategic capital partner to the largest trading, investment, and mining companies in the crypto space. Best in class pricing and bespoke solutions are made possible by a large balance sheet and market expertise..” (

Is the acceleration of institutional cryptocurrency adoption sustainable?: “The year 2021 was also a landmark because crypto became a multi-trillion-dollar asset class, putting it on the radar of fund managers, family offices and financial institutions. Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges, reported a record-breaking surge in institutional investors trading $1.14 tn worth of cryptocurrencies, up from $120 bn the year before, more than twice the $535 bn traded in retail shares.” (IR Magazine)

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