Should You Invest In Communi3: Mad Scientists NFTs?

Who isn’t fascinated by Mad Scientists? Communi3 is a set of tools that helps DAOs, P2E games, and projects to manage and grow their communities, in addition to increasing engagement.

They’ve applied these tools to the community built around their own NFTs. Furthermore, instead of being on the Ethereum Blockchain, this NFT series is built on Solana. Follow along as Scott and Heather explore the collectible and investment angles for this NFT series.

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Episode Highlights

10 Most Exciting New Solana NFTs in 2022: “Mad Scientist is a collection of 5001 business-to-consumer NFTs for Communi3’s business. Each Mad Scientist will be able to yield $SCI over time which can be sold to laboratory holders and other customers to create a deflationary pressure on the token as it is utilized. $SCI is Communi3’s ecosystem token that will be required to unlock other services like animation, and other tools within the suite. ” (CoinGecko)

OpenSea Bleeds Volume on Ethereum And Polygon But Solana Remains Relatively Stable: “Solana offers a bit more long-term hope. It is the only of three supported networks to yield a bump in daily NFT transactions, and its daily volume looks pretty decent.” (Cryptomode)

The Comuni3: Mad Scientists NFT Collection

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